Happy New Year * 2016

2016 is a magical year, as I already find myself on an enlightened trajectory of my true path, learning and embracing my own personal truths and values and living the happiest, most fulfilled life, governed by love and light.


Universe Eye Awakening


Life is governed by either FEAR or LOVE; in order to experience the true beauty and the full magic of life, fear must be fully eliminated and love, fully embraced. This takes time, commitment and dedication. However, the internet is a powerful source with abundant information widely available to anyone who wishes to discover the mysteries of life.

I spent the last six months of 2015 studying science and nature, exploring new and old theories and ideas, researching scientific facts and supporting evidence, exploring the world of metaphysics, quantum physics, the mystical consciousness and the laws of our Universe. Just like in school, all this had to be learned through a mindful approach as well as mindful listening, reading, writing and finally, through mindful application. Once I began to write down my research, it all began to connect, from ancient Egyptian knowledge and theories to Einstein’s thought method and discoveries, to Buddhist principles to scientific documentaries about the human mind, consciousness and the “God” particle.

Once you’re on your own true path, you begin to FEEL it and you feel yourself awakening from an illusion as you lift the veil from your eyes, the veil neatly placed upon your vision by others. Now you and you alone are the sole leader and creator of your life.

May you have a magical 2016 * Happy New Year!


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J♡y in Giving

Today’s society teaches us about consumerism & the ‘joys’ of acquiring more & more. It teaches us to feel a constant need for the newest ‘toys’. You just purchased your new phone; a few months go by & the newer, better, ‘cooler’ version appears on the market. You absolutely MUST have the new one, you NEED it, you absolutely must find a way to BUY it in order to be happy & fulfilled, in order to FIT IN.

Yes, you have a busy life & a busy schedule, but please take a minute, or even a few seconds to reflect & think of the last time you performed a random act of kindness.

How do you feel when you selflessly give to others & see their eyes sparkle & happiness engulf their being?

I truly feel that I was born with an innate sense of giving. I always felt happier seeing the joy my gifts would bring to others. As a child, I began with small, meaningful gifts, such as hand made cards, entertainment shows for my family and friends, making photo albums & my favourite, framed photos. As societal conditioning infiltrated my mind, I took giving to a new level, to the point where I would give more than I could afford. I would buy, buy, buy & give, give, give. I hadn’t realized that I was falling for society’s ‘tricks’. I began to place myself last & only focus on others: family, friends, boyfriends, acquaintances, coworkers. There was an internal confusion, struggle & disconnect between my soul & societal conditioning. The true meaning of giving became lost in the chaos of consumerism.

During the fall of 2015, I consciously awakened. I am now finally able to observe with a sense of detachment & thus make decisions based on conscious choices, aligned with my values & true self rather than react to society’s noise & chaos. I realize that I don’t NEED everything I’ve been conditioned to believe I need.


With the holiday season approaching, instead of thinking of more personal possessions you think you absolutely must have, think of those that not only cannot afford to give their children gifts, but cannot even provide their children with proper nutrition & clothing. How can you possibly justify buying more of what you already have while children all around us, in our neighbourhoods, cities, countries, continents, world continue to live in hunger & lack the basic needs for survival that you take for granted every single moment of your lives?

When we immigrated to Canada, in January 1996, almost 20 years ago, my parents sacrificed themselves for us, their two daughters. Respected engineers, in Romania, as new immigrants, they worked several low end jobs & struggled each day to ensure their daughters did not feel lack in their lives, & we certainly didn’t. However, my sister & I didn’t realize what our parents were going through until we both became adults & heard their stories. The struggles they overcame prove to us the power of


Following my conscious awakening, this fall, I began to take steps towards a life of minimalism. Creating my own Foundation has been one of my life goals. On Wednesday, October 28th I made my first major donation, giving half of my material possessions while urging my family, close friends & coworkers to follow suit.

Today, December 1, 2015, Romania’s National Day, I am giving back to The Scott Mission, an organization that helps those in need, the homeless, the poor, new immigrants & low income families. During the first few years, as new immigrants, the Scott Mission helped us once a month with food & clothing. My Mom, volunteers every winter at this organization where she once took me to help carry the gifts they gave to us for the holidays, food & clothing. Mom: “Remember your favourite green, fall coat, Ionica (little Yoana)? That was from the Scott Mission, my love.” I had forgotten, but now I remember; now I know what must be done!

I truly have more than enough, so this holiday season I will not accept any material gifts! All I want this holiday season is a bag of your gently used possessions!

Please give!


Thank ♡ You

The Scott Mission

| ♡

Welcome to my new chapter, | ♡  – I Love  / One Love by Aware – Ioana RO.

I heart world


The answer to this ‘simple’ question isn’t so simple. Of course I’ve been told by my family and loved ones that I am beautiful inside and out, kind hearted, generous, compassionate and loving. I often felt that I was bursting with love and desire to help others more so than to help myself. Shifting the focus to others and the outside world, as I progressed through life, I’ve unconsciously allowed obstacles to interfere with my true self and thus gradually drift further and further away from my truths. This created the perfect platform for confusion, worry, fear, judgement, condemnation and resentment … to cloud my daily thoughts and begin to lead me on a dark path unaligned with my true self. I truly felt, deep down, that this was not right, that this was not me.

Governed by fear and victimizing myself by blaming the outside world for everything and anything, as misery, confusion and darkness began to fully consume me, I reached a decisive point, in which I empowered myself through a deep commitment to enlightenment through self learning. I finally realized that my true self, my inner self is the sole creator of my thoughts, feelings and ultimately, my life.

However, in our daily lives, we aren’t expected to be our own creators. Instead, we are conditioned to limit ourselves within the ideals of a select few and to live ‘comfortably’ as silent followers. We habitually and easily allow these few to dictate virtually every aspect of our lives: our appearance, clothes, products, food, entertainment, hobbies, occupation etc., unaware that we have become followers. We are following someone else’s ideals and adopting them as our own while tirelessly striving to look, behave and act the ‘right’ way. These select few not only govern our thoughts but they also control our lives through dictating which products and objects we need to acquire in order to achieve the ideal ‘look’ they’ve set in place. This in turn governs our personal economy as consumerism becomes our dictator. We gradually lose our inner self, we gradually lose sight of our true values. Awaken and empower yourself to think: who’s life are you truly living? Your own or theirs?


Eternal Love.jpg


Life is governed by either FEAR or LOVE, which have you chosen?


1955 or 2015?

Bewildering that in 2015, hatred, ignorance and racism continue to prevail to such an extreme extent.

On Tuesday, February 17, 2015 a black man in central Paris was forbidden and repeatedly pushed and blocked from boarding a crowded subway train [Richelieu – Drouot station) due to the color of his skin. The aggressive group of white Chelsea soccer fans pushed the man out of the way while proudly chanting:

“We’re racist, we’re racist and that’s the way we like it.”

This is immediately reminiscent of the December 1, 1955 Rosa Parks incident, in Montgomery Alabama when public transportation segregation was in full effect. How can anything even remotely similar still occur in our present day and age, considering all our social advances? Not only is this embarrassing for our society it’s truly despicable!

To top it off, a day prior to the Paris subway incident, renown Italian World Cup manager and coach Arrigo Sacchi, firmly stated:

“To see so many coloured players, to see so many foreigners, is an insult to Italian soccer…Italy has no dignity, no pride…”

Coach Sacchi, the insult to our society is YOU, not the talented young ‘coloured’ players that are in fact, of extreme value to your country’s promising soccer teams.

History has proven what this type of xenophobia, extremist and racist mentality can create and cause! It mustn’t be tolerated. EVER!

Watch the viral February 17, 2015 Paris subway incident:

Is Access to Clean, Potable Water a Basic Human Right?

Detroit - Water Shut Off - October 2014

Isn’t it? You would think that in a developed country, such as the United States, having access to clean, potable water would never be an issue. Yet, here we are in 2014 and Detroit has been “aggressively disconnecting the water for non paying customers” since spring, leaving thousands of households without water access. Winter is slowly creeping upon us. Are we really leaving our impoverished children, our single parents and our elderly without water, without such a vital necessity? Why has this been an issue since spring?

Water is a Human Right - Detroit - October 2014

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Teenage Girl Hero: Malala Yousafzai, Youngest Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize

‘One child, one teacher, one book & one pen can change the world.’

Malala Yousafzai, 17 is the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, announced today, October 10, 2014. Two years prior, in Pakistan, the young teenager was shot in the head by the Taliban due to her resilient campaigning for girls’ education.

Malala Yousafzai

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon: ‘The true winners today are the world’s children.’